[Skyeye-developer] Now csb360 BSP of RTEMS can run on SkyEye

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com
Wed Oct 10 15:37:00 UTC 2007

This didn't show up on the RTEMS list because you aren't
subscribed from the sending email address so I am making
sure the reply goes there. :-D

Michael.Kang wrote:
> Hi:
>         After fix some bugs of coldfire 5272 simulation in SkyEye, now
> csb360 BSP of rtems can run on SkyEye. Only hello testcase of csb360
> is tested on svn head of SkyEye.
>       The attachments are output result of csb360 and the
> corresponding skyeye.conf for csb360.

Yeah!!!  That means the console driver is working. 

Ticker running will indicate that the counter/timer used by the
BSP for the clock tick works. 

Does Skyeye support the network controller on the 5272?
The csb360 BSP does support the NIC on this CPU.

I am adding your configuration file to


and updating the status.  If there is anything wrong or out of date
on that page, please feel free to update it.

This is great news!!

> -- Thanks
> -- MIchael.Kang
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