getting started with CEXP on coldfire?

Till Straumann strauman at
Thu Oct 25 00:03:09 UTC 2007

Alan Cudmore wrote:
> I would like to use CEXP on a coldfire BSP ( RTEMS 4.7, mcf5235 ).
> What is the best way to get started?
> I have built the cexp-1.5 package with the m68k-rtems4.7 tools and I  
> "almost" had a sample program linking with a cexp call. After  
> figuring out all of the libraries to link in, it still had undefined  
> references to cexpWriteLock, cexpWriteUnlock etc.. These symbols were  
> macros in a header file, but they were not in my libcexp.a file.
Yeah - I discovered that problem recently. There is a
'configure' test [which I have since eliminated] which assumes
that you're configuring for  '<cpu>-rtems' and which brakes
if your 'host' system is called 'm68k-rtems4.7' (rather than m68k-rtems).

> I also looked at the GeSys 2.1 beta package. That seems like the best  
> place to start. Has anyone built GeSys and CEXP for a coldfire target?
Yes. I have - but for the uC5282 BSP not mcf5235 so you might
have to tweak the GeSys Makefile (I just added 'mcf5235' in the
places where I think it makes sense).
In particular, if this BSP has a way to retrieve IP setup information
from NVRAM or flash then you'd want to define the BSP_NETWORK_SETUP
macro -- otherwise GeSys falls back on BOOTP.

I created an up-to-date snapshot (downloadable here: but it won't be
posted there forever :-) here:

The snapshot contains

   cexp snapshot
   gesys snapshot

and it seems to build all-right for the mcf5235 BSP:

edit 'defs.local' to point RTEMS_SITE_INSTALLDIR to
where you want NFS/GESYS installed. If you leave
this undefined then they will go to the standard BSP installation dir.

build+install CEXP; set <your prefix> to the same directory
you chose for RTEMS_SITE_INSTALLDIR. If you want things to
go to the standard RTEMS installdir then you'd have to provide
more configuration options (these go into the value of TGT_CONFIG_OPTS)
- in particular you want --includedir=<prefix>/lib/include

cd cexp;
make TGT_CONFIG_OPTS='--prefix=<your prefix> CFLAGS=-m528x' cross-m68k-rtems
make install-m68k-rtems

setenv RTEMS_MAKEFILE_PATH <your BSP's makefile path>

build and install NFS

cd ../rtemsNfs-1.5;
make install

build and install GESYS
cd ../gesys-20071024;
make install

NOTE: I did have to tweak the rtems-4.7.1 linkcmds for mcf5235 to fix
a linkage error when linking gesys (see diff below); the issue has
since been fixed in rtems IIRC.

Please let me know of any critical changes you have to make
so that I can merge them.

BTW: I left the binaries in the snapshot so you could try to load
+ run 'inst/rtems.exe'

-- Till

*** linkcmds.orig       2007-10-24 16:56:24.000000000 -0700
--- linkcmds    2007-10-24 16:55:59.000000000 -0700
*** 146,152 ****
          .data : {
              PROVIDE( _data_dest_start = . );
              PROVIDE( _copy_start = .);
!             *(.data)
--- 146,152 ----
          .data : {
              PROVIDE( _data_dest_start = . );
              PROVIDE( _copy_start = .);
!             *(.data*)

> Thanks,
> Alan Cudmore
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