getting started with CEXP on coldfire?

Amalaye Oyake amalaye.oyake at
Wed Oct 24 21:08:46 UTC 2007

I have not compiled for the Coldfire ... but I will send you my cexp
Makefile and my gdb-stub Makefile later today. 

BTW I should see you in Maryland at the APL event.


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Subject: getting started with CEXP on coldfire?

I would like to use CEXP on a coldfire BSP ( RTEMS 4.7, mcf5235 ).

What is the best way to get started?

I have built the cexp-1.5 package with the m68k-rtems4.7 tools and I  
"almost" had a sample program linking with a cexp call. After  
figuring out all of the libraries to link in, it still had undefined  
references to cexpWriteLock, cexpWriteUnlock etc.. These symbols were  
macros in a header file, but they were not in my libcexp.a file.

I also looked at the GeSys 2.1 beta package. That seems like the best  
place to start. Has anyone built GeSys and CEXP for a coldfire target?

Alan Cudmore
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