command line parameters

nir levy nir.levy at
Wed Sep 19 09:06:02 UTC 2007

Hi All,

I am running RTEMS on QEMU emulator and i am using grub for booting ( 
similar to most descriptions on the net for doing so).
However, i could not find a way to send command line parameters for the 
RTEMS applications i am running.
I have tried to specified them in the GRUB configuration file ( after 
the program name) but they don't seem to be pass to the application in 
the Init procedure ( i have checked the c_rtems_main and the procedure 
in the boot_card and they don't get there as well). I assume the problem 
might be in the grub but if anyone ever succeed doing it and can help me 
with that or advice on the issue it will be nice.

Thanks in advance.


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