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Wed Sep 19 12:46:06 UTC 2007

nir levy wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am running RTEMS on QEMU emulator and i am using grub for booting ( 
> similar to most descriptions on the net for doing so).
> However, i could not find a way to send command line parameters for the 
> RTEMS applications i am running.
> I have tried to specified them in the GRUB configuration file ( after 
> the program name) but they don't seem to be pass to the application in 
> the Init procedure ( i have checked the c_rtems_main and the procedure 
> in the boot_card and they don't get there as well). I assume the problem 
> might be in the grub but if anyone ever succeed doing it and can help me 
> with that or advice on the issue it will be nice.
There is no main() in an RTEMS application.  So the idea of
what to do with command line parameters is a bit vague.

Some boot loaders pass in a pointer to a data structure which
is used by the BSP.  U-Boot comes to mind in this case.

Right now, it is the responsibility of the BSP early start
code (usually named start.S) to invoke boot_card() with
argc, argv, and environ.  Right now, this information disappears
in boot_card() because there is no defined way to make it
available to the application.

I looked at this a while back and didn't have any real
example invoking environments to test with so left it
alone.  My thoughts were:

+ conditional compile argc, argv support in bootcard.c
    since it is unused baggage for most BSPs.  BSPs which
    want to and can support argc, argv can enable it.

+ Define a set of public variables which are the
   bsp or boot argc, argv, and environ values.

Getting the info from grub to pc386's start code
and to boot_card() makes it possible to address the
more general issue of what to do with them when they
are available.

I hope this has encouraged you to modify the BSP
to transfer the info from grub through start.S to
boot_card and help define the mechanism. :-D

FWIW another way I have seen is to prompt a user
for command line arguments.  Then convert that
string into argc/argv format to pass into a
main that was renamed to XXX_main().  This is a
relatively painless way to port UNIX main()'s to
RTEMS especially for testing purposes.  I am
thinking that since at least ttcp has code already
to do this and I have copied it at least once, that
is makes sense to generalize it and make it
part of libmisc.


> Thanks in advance.
> Best,
> Nir
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