RTEMS vs. changing hardware: Building app against RTEMS build tree?

Torsten Landschoff torsten.landschoff at nambition.com
Sat Sep 22 09:01:50 UTC 2007

Hi List,

We are adapting RTEMS here to run our embedded control application on a
Virtex4 FPGA (or rather the integrated PowerPC core).

I am searching for relief from the "make all install" burden, which is
probably not neccessary anyway: Whenever I reconfigure the FPGA, I am
doing a rebuild of RTEMS and doing a make install.

However, for our application I would like to have a combined tree.
Currently, it is organized roughly as follows:

+ edk_repository (contains pcores and board definitions)
+- ...
+ fpga_system (Xilinx XPS project with the hardware configuration)
+- ...
+ rtems (contains the RTEMS source, currently
+- ...
+ b-rtems (build tree of RTEMS)
+- ...
+ controller (contains the controller application, built against RTEMS)

After building RTEMS into b-rtems, I'll do a "make install", which
stores the whole thing into the prefix $HOME/opt/powerpc-rtems4.8. I
figure that I can just install it into a local directory rtems-install
but I'd rather just directly link against the build tree (which
obviously works for the testsuite).

Before I delve into the Makefile sources: Does somebody here already use
a similar setup?

Thanks and Greetings, Torsten

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