RTEMS vs. changing hardware: Building app against RTEMS build tree?

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Sat Sep 22 16:50:36 UTC 2007


this should work, although I did not yet try it out.

The big thing to change should be that the environment variable pointing
to the installed system should be changed from something like




what you are missing then are "Makefile.inc", "make/bsp.cfg" and
"make/target.cfg". But there should be a way to come over this.

If you have a working solution, this would be nice to see in the RTEMS wiki


Torsten Landschoff schrieb:
> Hi List,
> We are adapting RTEMS here to run our embedded control application on a
> Virtex4 FPGA (or rather the integrated PowerPC core).
> I am searching for relief from the "make all install" burden, which is
> probably not neccessary anyway: Whenever I reconfigure the FPGA, I am
> doing a rebuild of RTEMS and doing a make install.
> However, for our application I would like to have a combined tree.
> Currently, it is organized roughly as follows:
> working-copy
> + edk_repository (contains pcores and board definitions)
> +- ...
> + fpga_system (Xilinx XPS project with the hardware configuration)
> +- ...
> + rtems (contains the RTEMS source, currently
> +- ...
> + b-rtems (build tree of RTEMS)
> +- ...
> + controller (contains the controller application, built against RTEMS)
> After building RTEMS into b-rtems, I'll do a "make install", which
> stores the whole thing into the prefix $HOME/opt/powerpc-rtems4.8. I
> figure that I can just install it into a local directory rtems-install
> but I'd rather just directly link against the build tree (which
> obviously works for the testsuite).
> Before I delve into the Makefile sources: Does somebody here already use
> a similar setup?
> Thanks and Greetings, Torsten
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