RTEMS crashes on HS-872P Single Board Computer

Grigori Khmyrov Grigori_Khmyrov at uml.edu
Wed Sep 5 19:45:24 UTC 2007

Disabling USB keyboard in the BIOS fixed the problem!

Grigori Khmyrov wrote:

>I got  RTEMS running on some old laptops and single board computers 
>without problems.
>But now I'm trying to run same application or test tasks on new HS-872P 
>Single Board Computer.
>RTEMS 4.6.2 i486 BSP applications (including hello world) crash in 
>unpredictable places at the very beginning.
>I've tried also version 4.6.99 i686 BSP with the same result.
>It prints few lines and stopped (every time different number of lines). 
>Sometimes it even didn't print anything.
>What can be wrong? How to debug the problem?
>Thank you,
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