3c905 Nic configuration

Grigori Khmyrov Grigori_Khmyrov at uml.edu
Tue Sep 25 16:44:52 UTC 2007

I would try to disable RTEMS_SET_ETHERNET_ADDRESS definition
and let driver to supply hardware address

    ethernet_address,               /* Ethernet hardware address */
    NULL,                           /* Driver supplies hardware address */


Stéphane ARQUER wrote:

>I'm trying to configure the network interface 3c905c-TXM with the pc386
>bsp of rtems 4.6.6.
>I read in the wiki that someone used this reference in september 2005 but
>there is no details on the driver to use.
>On the other hand, I'm working with a 3c509B-tpo card, I try to execute
>the network examples and when the card seems to be configured:
>-->     3C509: attach() is complete
>there are the error messages:
>-->     Can't bring ep up: No such device or adress
>-->     Can't set default route: No such process
>-->     Can't get host adress
>You 'll find attached the networkconfig.h file.
>If anyone has a tip ?
>Thanks in advance for your help.
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