How to get rtems debug

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Tue Apr 15 14:03:54 UTC 2008

Dear Huang , 

The default gcc flag for blackfin is -O0 -g, so you do not need a make debug. 
As for how to debug…. That will depend on your hardware, an emulator/ICE with GDB support will be helpful, and it is possible that you can debug it on skyeye.

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Subject: How to get rtems debug 

>When i build the rtems examples,using 
>$make debug 
>i get some errors,like missing start_g.o,or librtemsbsp_g, 
>but i build rtems with 
>$../rtems_source/configure --prefix=/usr/rtems/rtems_target \ 
>--enable-tests --target=bfin-rtems \ 
>--disable-networking --enable-rtemsbsp=eZKit533 --enable-rtems-debug 
>$make install 
>could you tell me ,how to build rtems to get the rtems debug files(*_g.o,*_g.a). 
>Thanks & Best Regards 
>        dalinhuang at 
>          2008-04-15 
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