Is it possible to use Tracepoint facility with sparc-rtems-gdb?

jreiver at jreiver at
Mon Aug 18 22:11:17 UTC 2008


I've found in the GDB User Manual a very interesting feature:
"In some applications, it is not feasible for the debugger to interrupt the
program's execution long enough for the developer to learn anything helpful
about its behavior. If the program's correctness depends on its real-time
behavior, delays introduced by a debugger might cause the program to change its
behavior drastically, or perhaps fail, even when the code itself is correct. It
is useful to be able to observe the program's behavior without interrupting it."

But the GDB user manual also says:
"The tracepoint facility is currently available only for remote targets. See
section Specifying a Debugging Target. In addition, your remote target must know
how to collect trace data. This functionality is implemented in the remote stub;
however, none of the stubs distributed with GDB support tracepoints as of this

I'm not sure, but does that mean that the Tracepoint feature is not completely
supported by all targets?

I have tried to test it by debugging my program with sparc-rtems-gdb, connected
to tsim-leon3 simulator from Gaisler Research:
- I have been able to add tracepoints, enable and disable tracepoints, or make
Tracepoint Action Lists, as specified in GDB user manual
- However, I couldn't start the "Trace experiment" with the "tstart" command,
which returned me this error:
(gdb) tstart
Trace can only be run on remote targets.

Has anyone ever tried Tracepoint facility with sparc-rtems-gdb?
Any explanation would be appreciated.



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