GDB partially works (for me)

Gene Smith gds at
Tue Aug 19 14:33:26 UTC 2008

My system now runs OK (networking, serial, timers etc) and runs the 
test/demo programs OK and passes stress tests. If I set a breakpoint 
before leaving start.S I can hit the breakpoint and do the usual stuff. 
But if I try to continue after arriving at a breakpoint (such as at 
Init), nothing works (no timer, no networking no serial) and all I see 
happening is the idle task. Sometimes it will crash after (data abort 
dump) this but usually just does idle loop.

I can look at all the registers that mask or turn off interrupts and 
they look OK. So I am not sure what causes it to completely shut down or 
go unstable after a b.p. is hit.

I do notice that sometimes I step into RTEMS code involving a watchdog 
(watchdogtickle). Not sure how this is used or if it might be shutting 
me down while at the breakpoint.

I get the same result with rtems4.8-gdb or insight. In both cases I am 
using a Macraigor MPDemon jtag debugger box.


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