Blackfin interrupt handling patches

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Aug 14 14:10:44 UTC 2008

Allan Hessenflow wrote:
> Quite some time ago I was involved in a discussion on this list about
> the Blackfin interrupt and context handling.  The gist was that the
> existing code has some problems; I believed I have a fix but had not had
> time to adequately test it.  I did provide it to another user at that
> time but have not heard anything about any test results there, so I assume
> he has not had time either.  Anyway, I've had another request for Blackfin
> RTEMS info, and decided I'll go ahead and submit the changes.  I still
> haven't had time to test it as thoroughly as I'd like, but I'm certain it
> works better than the existing code in CVS.
> The attached patch is against the cvs head as of a little earlier this
> evening.
Thanks for continuing to pursue this.  It applied cleanly but I
still don't have a working executable with skyeye 1.2.5 using
this configuration on the eZKit533 BSP:

$ cat ~/skyeye/ezkit553.conf

~/skyeye/skyeye-1.2.5_REL/skyeye -c ~/skyeye/ezkit553.conf -e 
Your elf file is little endian.
arch: blackfin
mach info: name bf533, mach_init addr 0x80baf0c
uart_mod:0, desc_in:, desc_out:, converter:
start addr is set to 0xffa08000 by exec file.

get_word io 
error!addr=0xffa14000,pc=0xffa13ffe,oldpc=0xffa13ffe,sp=0x1000000,insn at pc=0x0

 From what I saw using gdb, that occurs before you get to boot_card.

I want to merge it but I want to see it run on skyeye so I can know it
works and stays working.

Could you please look at getting the BSP to run with skyeye?  Once it
runs all RTEMS tests, I will add bfin to the set of targets we run GCC
tests on.  That will be a big step up for quality.
> allan
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