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Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Dec 1 10:55:46 UTC 2008

On Monday December 1 2008, Michael Hamel wrote:
> Is there a description somewhere of how to do a debugging build of
> RTEMS? I can see references to an -rtems-debug flag and to _g and _p
> versions, but I can't figure out where to invoke them. The build
> procedure for both RTEMS and the applications seems to default to
> optimised variants that are giving my debugger trouble.
> On a similar note, where should I look for a list of all the configure
> options (i.e --disable-posix, --enable-cxx, etc)?
> Thanks for any assistance,
As nobody answers....

AFAIK, there is still no comfortable way to switch between debug/optimized 
versions of RTEMS.

This is the way I did this for 4.8.0:

1. I have two symbolic links to two different build trees - one for debug and 
one for optimized.

To create for the first(!) time the desired version I went to  the 
rtems-source/make/custom/mybsp.cfg file and corrected the line:

Then I did everything from the beginning: bootstrap, config.....

The resulting build tree I called rtems-dbg.

2. Repeted all above with CFLAGS_OPTIMIZE_V=... -O4....
The resulting build tree I called rtems-opt.

Finally, I made a symbolic link which I called "rtems" which is used in all my 
application make files in the IDE.

Now, I switch the link to dbg or opt when desired.

That is. Obviously, not the best way, but it works.


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