CAN bus driver for IA-32

Pavel Pisa ppisa4lists at
Mon Dec 15 11:36:42 UTC 2008

On Friday 12 December 2008 17:12:34 Cassia Yuri wrote:
> Hello all,
>  Is there already an RTEMS CAN bus driver for IA-32 or anyone working on
> it??
>  Thanks a lot,
>  Cássia

Hello all,

I would be very happy, if we could try to port our LinCAN
driver to RTEMS. It supports many cards and it would allow to
test exactly same applications code on Linux and RTEMS.
I have proposed that years ago, but there has not been
much response to the notice and main problem is my permanent
lack of time. But porting should not be big problem.
Code has been already tested on RT-Linux, Linux-2.4, Linux-2.6
and systemless LPC21xx with SJA1000. The latest port
is used as USB<->CAN converter together with LinCAN core
on PC.

There are some links

The latest development code for some future development after stable
release is in GIT archive at our local university site

I would be happy if somebody would like to cooperate on this project.
Bu I have to warn, that I would like to do my best, but I can take
even long silence period due to other projects we do at company and
university for living.

Best wishes

                Pavel Pisa
        e-mail: pisa at

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