How to disable FS part when doing configuration

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Dec 18 15:12:50 UTC 2008

PowerMan wrote:
> By reading the readme.configure, I know I can disable 
> multi-porecessing and networking part
> by --disable-multiprocessing and --disable-networking parameter when 
> run the configure script.
> But how to disable the FS, the libblock, the libi2c and the libmisc part?
> I want to reduce the size of my program.
Only a few features of RTEMS are disabled via configure time options.
The rest are always built and are left out of your application via
confdefs.h directives.

You can create a filesystem free application using confdefs.h directives
and a standard build.  See the sample/minimum and the configuring
a system chapter in the user's guide.

FWIW completely leaving out filesystem code is a post 4.9 capability.
> Thanks.

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