4.9.0 with shell via telnetd - new telnetd issue - SOLVED

Robert S. Grimes rsg at alum.mit.edu
Fri Dec 19 16:50:09 UTC 2008

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Robert S. Grimes wrote:
>> P.S. This shell is great!  Why didn't I realize it was around 
>> sooner?  I had been using the RTEMS monitor - is that a precursor?
> A cousin.  But we are trying to merge and share overlapping
> functionality
> The shell has been there a long time but between 4.8 and 4.9
> Chris Johns and myself spent a LOT of time improving it and
> adding commands.  I also wrote the manual.
The manual is new, right?  I suspect I didn't know of it because it 
wasn't exposed at that level (i.e. part of the standard documentation set)?

If I can get some time next week, I'll write up what I did on my two 
applications, which is basically what Alan and Gene posted, and put it 
on the wiki.  Not sure where to put it - probably the HowTo page.  
Hopefully, those you and/or Chris will be able to review it for 
accuracy, in case of errors on my part.

> Commands are easy to add and easy to improve.  If you
> have an idea, run with it.
I like this!  I'll be using it as heavily as time permits, I'm sure!

Thanks again,

> Some interesting features:
> + prompt is generated by a method that you as a user
>   can replace.  This means you can put current application
>   information, etc in it.
> + command set is configurable and extensible so you
>   can turn it into a very application specific diagnostic
> + telnet and serial accessible
> + Scripts (no logic yet) are supported.
> +You can mount filesystems.
> + Some commands are from BSD.
> + You can set the date this way. :-D
> Peruse the shell manual.
> --joel

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