Point to sample SPI for MMC card driver?

Gene Smith gds at chartertn.net
Wed Oct 15 17:57:02 UTC 2008

I noticed that Robert S. Grimes seems to have finished his SPI driver 
and he started with something in vertex BSP. The threads he started have 
a lot of good information in them. Also, the README_libi2c is probably 
the best and most thorough I have seen in RTEMS.

I am looking for some code to use as a starting point for writing my SPI 
driver, which does not correspond to any existing BSP. I see that often 
the SPI driver is divided between libcpu and libbsp. However, I probably 
would want to put all the low level stuff in just my libbsp if possible. 
I found something under libbsp/m68k/gen68360/spi that appears to be the 
complete driver(s) (files m360_spi.c and mc68360_spidrv.c). Would these 
be OK to use as a template? Or should I look somewhere else for a better 


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