How to add CPU_MODEL

Till Straumann strauman at
Wed Oct 15 20:33:39 UTC 2008

Just my 2-cents:

PPC has been plagued with a jungle of

#ifdef __some_ppc_flavor__

which is a nightmare to maintain.

Please consider:

- do not use / implement exotic features that provide small gain
  (especially such features that are likely to disappear in future
  versions of the CPU)
- use run-time detection as much as possible
- keep CPU-specifica in a dedicated library rather than
  sprinkling #ifdefs all over the code-base.
- do NOT advocate creation of a new gcc multilib if
  this only for the purpose of getting a -D_my_cpu_flavor
  symbol defined. gcc multilibs should ONLY be used
    - differences in API
    - difference in instruction set (includes co-processors)
    - *NOTHING* that does not affect gcc's code generation
      in a binary-incompatible way  justifies a multilib.
      E.g., if you do magic using assembly
      code then you normally don't need special gcc flags.
      Gcc does not know what 'special' instructions you use
      from assembly code.

- keep cpu-flavor specific stuff which cannot be switched
  at run-time and where you must use conditionally compiled code
  out of cpukit. You can then -D_my_cpu_flavor in the BSP's
  'custom' Makefile snippet.


Leon Pollak wrote:
> Hello, all.
> I've spent a lot of time reading the docs and must admit that still not 
> clear...:-(
> I am using MPC8247 which is the "sub-model" of MPC8272 which is in 
> turn "sub-model" of MPC8260. 
> First of all, RTEMS tree does not recognize the MPC82xx family, but has only 
> MPC8260. I saw very few references to mpc8242, but too few to understand how 
> it works.
> But there are some differences between all these models which I do not know 
> how to treat locally in BSP files. For example, the MPC8260 has 16KB+4KB 
> dpram, while MPC8272 has 8KB+4KB. Or MPC8247 does not have SCC2, while 
> MPC8260 does have. And so on.
> Where can I find some help to read about adding the CPU model without loosing 
> most of the "main" processor (MPC8260 in my case) features?
> Thanks ahead.

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