thomas? Re: File mc68360_spidrv.c orphaned?

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Thu Oct 16 14:04:24 UTC 2008

Gene Smith wrote:
> In looking at spi stuff I came across this file in 4.9.0:
> .../libbsp/m68k/gen68360/spi/mc68360_spidrv.c
> It includes <m360/m360_spidrv.h>
> I can't find a file called m360_spidrv.h nor a directory called m360 in
> rtems 4.9.0. Should this file be removed? Looking at the file, it
> appears to be a subset of the one right by it, mc360_spi.c which
> includes existing files.
I think you are right but would love to hear from Thomas
since he added the spi code back in July and may have
accidentally added something from his development
> -gene
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