About the NDS bsp

John Pickwick john.pickwick at free.fr
Tue Sep 9 17:42:49 UTC 2008

Please, can anyone give me clues about the present status of the NDS 
(nintendo DS) BSP in RTEMS 4.8.x ? Is it included in the "ARM" bunch of BSPs 

How does it work when you get an executable ? I guess you need some kind of 
pseudo-card with SDflash on it to insert this in the GBA or the SLOT1 port ? 
Any useful links on that point (I'm not interested in ROM stuff here, I'm 
just wondering for RTEMS) ?

I saw on wikipedia that there was 2 processors in the NDS, which one should 
be addressed for RTEMS ?

To ease the development, is there any possible interaction with the SkyEye 
ARM simulation configuration ?

So many questions ... sorry :=))


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