network based console?

Gene Smith gds at
Fri Sep 12 15:23:58 UTC 2008

Right now my stdin and stdout operations go in/out the serial port. 
However, my serial port *must* go away since it is multiplexed with a 
more essential function that replaces it. However, my ethernet tcp/ip is 
working well now. Is it possible to setup a remote terminal using tcp/ip 
that will act as stdin/stdout for my board running rtems? This would 
mainly be for debug or control purposes and probably not kept in the 
final version.

In the past, I have used syslog to record debug messages on a remote 
system (output only) via UDP. I see mention of a telnetd for rtems that 
might allow me to connect to the rtems board but not sure that the 
remote telnet terminal functions the same as the remote serial terminal 
(ie, gtkterm, minicom, etc), i.e., printf's output to it and keystroke 
are input back to rtems.

I expect this is all bound in with termios and the console driver and 
network driver but not sure how it all ties together or if what I want 
is possible. I will keep looking. But any advance information or 
comments would be appreciated.


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