Cannot start sparc-rtems-gdb (RTEMS 4.8)

J R jreiver at
Sat Sep 13 21:59:11 UTC 2008


I'm using the RCC cross-compilation system from Gaisler Research.
I have just upgraded from RCC-1.0.12 (RTEMS 4.6) to RCC-1.1.0 (RTEMS 4.8).
It seemed to get well installed, because I could compile one of the samples
provided with sparc-rtems-gcc.

However, I couldn't execute sparc-rtems-gdb, which gives me this error message:

"sparc-rtems-gdb: error while loading shared libraries: cannot
open shared object file: No such file or directory"

Is the installation of RCC-1.1.0 different from RCC-1.0.12?
Do I need to add the installation of RTEMS source + build RTEMS from source
(which was not required with RCC-1.0.12)?
Or am I missing something with gdb or else?

Any help would be appreciated.



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