Ubuntu Tool-Building Blues

KESTENER Pierre pierre.kestener at cea.fr
Sat Sep 13 19:23:06 UTC 2008


I just wanted to notice that I have been using successfully the 4.8 and 4.9 RTEMS toolchains on Ubuntu 8.04 for several months.
Take care to use the redhat/el5 rpm and to convert them into deb packages or simple tar.gz archives with "alien".

In the past, with Ubuntu 7.10, I was using the fedora rpm's succesfully; but when upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 the Fedora-based toolchain was no more fully working (I guess that might be related to the fact that Fedora9 is using glibc version 2.8 whereas Ubuntu 8.04 is still in 2.7); i add very strange errors using this toolchain (especially when compiling software using autotools). With the Redhat/el5-based rpm, I haven't seen any problems yet.

Pierre Kestener.
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