4.9.0 with shell via telnetd

Gene Smith gds at chartertn.net
Mon Sep 29 20:24:00 UTC 2008

Tim Cussins wrote:
> On Monday 29 September 2008 04:21:26 Gene Smith wrote:
>> The shell with telnetd in 4.8 works find. Just have to intialize telnetd
>> in Init() and it goes.
>> However, with 4.9 the new improved shell has a documentation hole
>> regarding telnet. The shell manual says it easy to attach the shell to a
>> serial port or telnetd. However, how to do it with telnetd (a socket)
>> says TBD.
>> Can someone list the steps needed to get telnetd running with the shell
>> in 4.9.0 ?
> Hey Gene
> I worked through this just recently - may not be the ideal way though :D
> rtems shell uses stdin & stdout, so the initialisation function takes a couple 
> of relevant params. You'll need to create a pseudo terminal to pass into the 
> init function.
> I used cpkit/telnetd/pty.{c,h} to create a pseudo-terminal:
> int acceptedSocket = accept(...);
> char *deviceName = telnet_get_pty( acceptedSocket );
> deviceName will be "/dev/pty0" or similar.
> If you can figure out how to link to libtelnetd - let me know! I worked around 
> it by compiling pty.c as part of my application code. Nasty.
> cpukit/libmisc/shell/shell.c  needed a couple of tweaks to deal with this, and 
> the fact that the rtems shell line editor wants input key-by-key - AFAIK 
> telnet is line based, with local echo, which play merry havoc :( I've attached 
> a small patch to show what I changed. Again, nasty.
> Quick plug for netcat vs telnet. If your device doesn't speak telnet special 
> commands etc, netcat could be a better option, in that it doesn't translate 
> codes behind your back. Check it out.
> HTH,
> Tim

I got the telnetd working OK using the info from Alan. He left out a few 
details which I included in my reply to him. I did have some link 
problems with pty_* and with "block device" routines but solved them I 
think. I also still have -ltelnetd at the end of my final link cmd. So 
it seems to be working OK for me again in 4.9 and works as I would 
expect. Will look into netcat.

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