porting RTEMS to OpenSparc

Leontie Eugen e_leontie at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 11 19:32:28 UTC 2009

Question in short : 

How difficult is it to port RTEMS to a really simple bsp based on the OpenSparc T1 processor ?

Question in details : 

My name is Eugen Leontie, I am a doctoral student at George Washington University.
I want to use RTEMS as a target OS for a security enhanced processor architecture ( a MMU like structure that we are trying to develop - I will not go into details - I know RTEMS does not yet have virtual memory/security support, this is one of the reasons we chose it ). 

At this point I need to evaluate if it is feaseable to use RTEMS and I need some help from you.
In order to get accurate cycle accurate performance measurements I need to get RTEMS to run one of Simics (http://www.virtutech.com/) target systems that supports Microarchitectural Simulations ( cycle accurate pipeline and caches simulations ).
I found that there is a Leon2 port of Rtems that works with Simics 
http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~fedorova/Tech/simics-guides-3.0.26/simics-target-guide-leon2-simple.pdf , unfortunatelly the Leon target is pretty limited and can not support the features we need.
The target we have in mind uses a SPARC processor,  UltraSparc T1, http://www.cs.sfu.ca/~fedorova/Tech/simics-guides-3.0.26/simics-target-guide-niagara.pdf that models very basically a Sun Fire T2000 server, it only has a console and RTC as modelled devices. 
It currently only works with an existing solaris image provided by the OpenSparc project.
My question is how difficult ( in terms of time ) would it be to port RTEMS to the UltraSparc T1 based BSP ( a begginer versus a pro - as I need to estimate if I can use an undergraduate to this task or to contract a RTEMS speciallist just for this).
And how valuable is to the RTEMS project such a port - I hope I can trade in this contribution to the RTEMS community and getting some forum/chat support getting this done .

I am more than happy to provide additional details. 
Thank you in advance for your help.

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