Stack frame help.

Nick Thomas nick.thomas at
Sun Feb 8 19:34:28 UTC 2009

Hi, this is probably a basic error on my part, but,

The bottom few lines of my .num file show where the heap and stack are at:

00ce7078 B global_shell_env
00ce7098 B rtems_global_user_env
00ce70d8 B rtems_filesystem_mount_table_control
00ce70e4 B _POSIX_signals_Vectors
00ce7264 B _POSIX_signals_Inactive_siginfo
00ce7270 B _POSIX_signals_Wait_queue
00ce72b0 B _POSIX_signals_Siginfo
00ce7430 A __SBSS_END__
00ce7430 B _end
00ce7430 B bss.end
00ee7430 A _heap_end
00ee7430 A heap.end
00fa7430 A stack.end

Now, my program is crashing, and the stack frame is like this:

(gdb) info frame
Stack level 0, frame at 0xf8d258:
 Pc = 0x3c8f20 in timer_task
Saved pc = 0x2e38e0
 Called by frame at 0xf8d2c0
 Source language c.
 Arglist at 0xf8d230, args: argc=0 argv=0x0
 Locals at 0xf8d230, Previous frame's sp is 0xf8d258
 Saved registers:
 R31 at 0xf8d254, pc at 0xf8d25c, lr at 0xf8d25c

Am I right in thinking that the stack has grown into the heap area? Or is
timer_task's stack actually located in the heap area?

Please help me to clear the fog!

Looking forward to your responses.



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