Getting started with CAN on RTEMS

Till Straumann strauman at
Sun Feb 8 01:02:20 UTC 2009

We have used a CAN interface from TEWS: TIP810
(a IP, not PMC module). The original driver was
for vxWorks but it was straightforward to port
it to RTEMS. Has been working for many years.

The driver (note that this is a driver for the EPICS'
control system's IPAC framework) is described here

I'm not sure the RTEMS port ever was merged back
but we could provide our patches.

-- Till

Peter Dufault wrote:
> I'm discussing splitting an application from a "bucket of VME" cards  
> to a more distributed system.  In particular, we're talking about  
> moving some of our motor control applications out into nodes in a CAN  
> network.  Our current bucket-master is the MVME5500, so I'm looking at  
> PMC (PCI Mezzanine Cards) for its CAN interface, in particular, either  
> the TEWS Technologies TPMC810-10 (based on the Philips SJA1000) or the  
> TPMC816-10 (Intel 82527).
> Is anyone using either of those cards, or a different PMC card, for  
> CAM with RTEMS?  Which is easier in terms of getting support in RTEMS?
> Currently I don't believe there is anything in the RTEMS source code  
> base to provide an overall CAM infrastructure.
> I've seen both lincam from Ocera ( and  
> CanFestival ( discussed.  Does anyone have  
> recent work to report?
> Can someone recommend some good reading material for getting up to  
> speed on this, and should I also look at getting some Linux tools for  
> learning and exercising things?  We'll probably initially split the  
> application into two MVME5500 systems and then move to a micro- 
> controller with CAM mastered by the existing VME controller.
> Peter
> Keywords: Controller Area Network, CANbus, Canopen (CAN is a terrible  
> name from a search engine point of view)
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