problem with "struct m_hdr"

hsong jiang hsongjiang at
Sat Feb 21 05:34:35 UTC 2009

Hi all:
  Is anybody found that there maybe problem with "struct m_hdr" in rtems

struct m_hdr {
 struct mbuf *mh_next;  /* next buffer in chain */
 struct mbuf *mh_nextpkt; /* next chain in queue/record */
 caddr_t mh_data;  /* location of data */
 int mh_len;   /* amount of data in this mbuf */
 int mh_flags;  /* flags; see below */
 short mh_type;  /* type of data in this mbuf */

"int mh_flags" should changed to "short mh_flags". Because sizeof(struct
m_hdr) should be 20Bytes in FreeBSD. however  sizeof(struct m_hdr) are
24Bytes in Rtems. I don't know wheather it is a bug. but this indeed a
question. thanks!
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