ARM SAM9 BSP Question

Enrico Lüdecke enrico.luedecke at
Mon Feb 2 14:08:07 UTC 2009

Thanks for you answers,

indeed, I misunderstood the purpose of _CPU_ISR_Enable, but if I read
the RTEMS documentation correctly, all interrupts have to be disabled
after the initialization of the bsp (is this right?). So somewhere the
interrupts have to be enabled in the ARM core, by unmasking the FIQ and
IRQ flags in the CPSR. For now I put this part at the end of bsp_start
in bspstart.c.

That way all exceptions are enabled at the end of bsp_start. Only IRQ
and FIQ are disabled by unmasking them in the Interrupt Controller.
Would that be ok or did I miss something again?



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