JFFS2 porting status

Chris Chelmecki chris.chelmecki at gmail.com
Mon Feb 9 14:36:50 UTC 2009

> Does JFF2 require a scan of all devices at the time of mounting ?

  I believe so, this is the document linked from the main JFFS2 site:

It talks about scanning and CRC checking each node when a device is
mounted.  I don' think this would be a big issue for us.

> Are you using NAND or NOR devices?

NAND, I just noticed that the ecos version of JFFS2 does not have NAND
support because it relies on the linux MTD.  This could be a big
roadblock as the MTD interface looks like it includes a fairly
significant number of functions.

> If you see JFF2 is a fit for your application and you port it RTEMS I would
> welcome it. I think there are places for both types implementation.

Thanks, It seems like either would work.  I think with JFFS2 we would
end up with a more efficient FS for flash, however, it seems that
between the port to RTEMS and the need of an MTD-like interface layer
it might be more time that I can convince my boss to let me spend on
it.  I'm hoping Jay will have some input that will push me in either

Chris Chelmecki

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