Getting started with CAN on RTEMS

Peter Dufault dufault at
Sat Feb 7 15:38:06 UTC 2009

I'm discussing splitting an application from a "bucket of VME" cards  
to a more distributed system.  In particular, we're talking about  
moving some of our motor control applications out into nodes in a CAN  
network.  Our current bucket-master is the MVME5500, so I'm looking at  
PMC (PCI Mezzanine Cards) for its CAN interface, in particular, either  
the TEWS Technologies TPMC810-10 (based on the Philips SJA1000) or the  
TPMC816-10 (Intel 82527).

Is anyone using either of those cards, or a different PMC card, for  
CAM with RTEMS?  Which is easier in terms of getting support in RTEMS?

Currently I don't believe there is anything in the RTEMS source code  
base to provide an overall CAM infrastructure.

I've seen both lincam from Ocera ( and  
CanFestival ( discussed.  Does anyone have  
recent work to report?

Can someone recommend some good reading material for getting up to  
speed on this, and should I also look at getting some Linux tools for  
learning and exercising things?  We'll probably initially split the  
application into two MVME5500 systems and then move to a micro- 
controller with CAM mastered by the existing VME controller.


Keywords: Controller Area Network, CANbus, Canopen (CAN is a terrible  
name from a search engine point of view)

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