BOOTP and MVME5500

Kate Feng feng1 at
Mon Feb 9 18:29:44 UTC 2009

Robert Varner wrote:
> I recently upgraded to 4.9.1 and discovered that my MVME5500 would no
> longer BOOTP.  After some research, I discovered that the "bsp.h" file
> had been set to choose the Gigabit ethernet interface, a change
> from the earlier version I was using (4.7).  However, even after
> I changed connections, the module still fails to hear the BOOTP response
> from my server.  If I modify "bsp.h" to select the 10/100 ethernet
> interface on the MVME5500, it can successfully BOOTP.
> Can anyone suggest what I should do to successfully use the Gigabit
> ethernet interface on the MVME5500 with RTEMS 4.9.1?
I am in the process of updating my notebook to RHEL5 so that I can test
the RTEMS4.9.1. There were few bugs in the release, which I have
fixed. I can release the updated source code for the RTEMS4.8 soon if
someone is interesting in testing the code.  This version has been tested
intensively for our applications that it is very stable for both of the
100 MHz and 1GHz NICs.  I have improved the performance of
the 1GHz NIC as well. Please let me know, if any one is interested
in testing the 4.8 version.

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