Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Fri Feb 13 00:47:00 UTC 2009

Till Straumann wrote:
> OK - then we're on the same page. I thought you didn't like the idea of
> knowledge about a file type built into a 'iop'.

Sorry I was not clear.

> If the type is encoded
> in 'flags' or in a dedicated field doesn't matter too much, IMHO since
> it would be accessed via a macro or inline, i.e., the user setting or
> querying the type wouldn't have to know how/where is is kept.
> rtems_libio_iop_set_type(iop, type)
> type   rtems_libio_iop_get_type(iop)

I am fine with hiding the detail. Specific flags is limiting so how about 
4bits of the flags as the type ?

What types should we have ?

If we break up the flags to have the 4bits can an area set aside for internal 
flags ?


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