patches for newlib-1.16.0 and newlib-1.15.0

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Wed Feb 25 13:19:25 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Kate Feng wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The patches appear confused due to the option flag '-D' that it deserves
>> to be explained further :
>> In newlib-1.16.0/newlib/ or 
>> newlib-1.15.0/newlib/
>> for the case of  '*-*-rtems*)' (e.g. line #529) , one can add the 
>> option to  the 'newlib_cflags' (e.g. line #532) to improve the 
>> performance the
> I think Ralf and I both understood that. We both think
> it is probably OK to do on the head 

The latest rtems-4.10 toolchain spin has this change added.

> but are concerned with
> its possible impact on other filesystems. I would love
> to hear the performance impact of this on the FAT filesystem
> as well. But that won't hold this up.

Please test the latest rtems-4.10 toolchain packages and keep an eye 
esp. on imfs and dosfs. ATM, the possible side-effects of this change on 
them are not fully understood.

Any reports ("no impact", "higher/lower memory demands", "better/worse 
throughput", "behavior has improved/worsened") would be welcomed


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