Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at rtems.org
Mon Jan 12 12:01:31 UTC 2009

Massimo Tipaldi schrieb:
> Dear all,
> first of all, I wish you all the best for this year.
> I am still trying to work RTEMS on Windows. I have followed all the 
> advices from Joel and Chris (Rtems 4.9.1 with the related examples and 
> RTEMS tools 4.9).
> For what concerns the RTEMS installation:
> 1) with the option "--enable-multilib", the installation fails 
> (libnetworking/netinet/.deps/libnetworking_a-if_ether.Po: No such file 
> or directory);
> 2) without the option "--enable-multilib", the installation was 
> successfully.
> Are there any differences with the option --enable-multilib? Can I 
> configure RTEMS without this option?
Errors related to *.Po almost always originate from aborted 
configure/make runs
=> Having --enable-multilib added to configure or not rather unlikely to 
be related
to your issues at all. Most likely, the issue is on your side.


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