Mask interrupts from inside the ISR

Leon Pollak leonp at
Thu Jan 22 08:53:42 UTC 2009

On Wednesday January 21 2009, Till Straumann wrote:
> What BSP?
This is relevant for 8xx and 82xx as I was able to check.
But most of the PowerPC BSPs are derived from the same source and all irq.c 
files have the same structure...

On Wednesday January 21 2009, Thomas Doerfler wrote:
>it really depends on WHERE you want to block the interrupt. In typical
In MPC8260 most of the interrupts are exactly in these registers which 
are "cached" by the dispatcher.

Anyway, I need to block the IRQ3, which is definitely cached and I do not see 
any other way, except taking out these masks to the "global" area and 
providing a function to change their value.

But I would like to have the society opinion on the issue before I do this...

Thanks a lot.

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