RTEMS on tiny microcontroller

Benoit Camus benoit.camus at leroy-autom.com
Mon Jun 22 07:25:15 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I read a lot of thing about memory usage on mailing list and have to say 
i'm a bit in doubt about it.

Here is the available memory i have: 256ko Flash /  64ko RAM ( could be 
512/128 but i'd really like to avoid it ).
The microcontroller i use is an arm: at91sam7x.

The question is what i need ?
Of course the kernel itself, ideally with the posix interface and the 
Ethernet stack (the FreeBSD one).
I guess this last point is the worst. and i don't need all of the stack 
just: TCP, UDP layers ( 2-3 connection for each ), Broadcast and 
Multicast capability and that's it.

Considering all this needs, do you think it will fit in memory ? Is 
there any options fine tune the system and  drop down it size ?

A last question to help me doing some tests, where could i find a 
ready-to-use arm-rtems compiler ?

Thanks in adavance.
B. Camus


Benoît CAMUS
Leroy Automatique Industrielle
Bd du Libre échange - 31650 Saint-Orens
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e-mail : benoit.camus at leroy-autom.com

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