RTEMS code and data overhead estimation for SPARC

Wendell Pereira da Silva wendell.silva at compsisnet.com.br
Tue Jun 30 17:20:11 UTC 2009

Hi RTEMS users,


I found a document titled "RTEMS SPARC Application Supplement"
f/sparc.pdf) which illustrates a useful tool to estimate a memory budget
(page 27) in terms of the number of RTEMS objects. Does somebody know an
upgraded version of this document for RTEMS 4.8.0 or latter? Is there
another "tool" which allows for such estimations?


Thanks in advance.


Wendell Pereira da Silva

COMPSIS Computadores e Sistemas Ind. e Com. Ltda.
Aerospace Systems | [12] 2139-3966 ext. 977 | www.compsis.com.br


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