GSoC Students Please Read

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Mar 25 00:17:36 UTC 2009


If you are applying to RTEMS as a GSoC
student, please be sure to do the
Getting Started Project:

We want you to do this so we can ensure
you are ready to do real work on day one.
This is a source of many GSoC student failures
and we are trying to help you all succeed.

When you send me (or another mentor) your hello image,
please add yourself to this list so all of the mentors
know you did it.  I know a few of you have sent me them
already.  Thanks.

Don't forget these resources either:


In particular, the moodle has presentations on RTEMS
and some GSoC/RTEMS potential projects.

Please remember that your proposal should include
a good timeline with measurable progress points. 
Make sure we know you understand the issues.  We will
help.  Ask here or on IRC.


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