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I personally am very interested in the use of
RTEMS and, more generally, free software in
universities. I have been participating in a
group that teaches FOSS concepts in class and
uses FOSS in their curricula.  There is now
a new website and mailing list to discuss this
area and provide access to information.

One part of their wiki is for free software
projects that are interested in working
with university faculty and students to
make themselves known.  Last night, I added
a first cut at the "help wanted: RTEMS" page
for the site.

Another project to be aware of is  This effort is
the Humanitarian FOSS Project.  Their goals
are very broad and RTEMS falls under their
umbrella with its use for basic science
and potential for use in devices that could
benefit humanity.  And that ignores the teaching

If you have teaching material that includes
RTEMS that you have used and are willing to
share, please contact me so we can set you up
an account on the RTEMS Moodle and make it available.

If you want to use RTEMS in your class or project,
feel free to ask what me to assist you.  RTEMS has
a lot of possible uses in a classroom.  The obvious
are projects and OS classes.  The less obvious includes
using RTEMS tools in an architecture class so you
have access to simulators with decent tools and
examples of interrupt handlers and context switch code.

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