GSoC Proposal Information

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sat Mar 28 16:18:39 UTC 2009


A couple of students have placed their proposals
at Google Docs.  After reading and commenting on
the first of these, I think this would be a way
to get the widest range of reviewers.  This way
anyone interested can get access to your proposal
and pitch in reviewing and commenting.  Even if they
can't commit to being a mentor.


+ Please make your proposal available as a Google document. 

+ Please complete the entry for you in this table so
anyone interested can simply ask to see your proposal:

+ Make sure your proposal has measurable mid-term and
final milestones. 

+ Please include an email address in the proposal so there is
an obvious way for a random person to privately contact you.

+ Anyone can review -- not just mentors.
+ Fix grammar errors at your discretion.
+ I feel comfortable adding URLs and fixing minor technical
issues with the current state of RTEMS and that project.
But it is the student's responsibility to clearly state
what they will be doing.  Fix their understanding of
the correct state but work with them to improve the proposal.

I think this will make it possible for anyone in the
community to review and comment on your proposal.

I hope this makes the entire process more open and transparent.



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