deb package for rtems

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Sun Mar 22 14:42:41 UTC 2009

bimal varghese wrote:
> i would like to participate in the google summer of code 2009 for rtems
> my idea is to create a .deb package for rtems which automatically 
> updates its contents when a newer version of the package is availiable
> is where last
year's project got to.  It wasn't ready for deployment.  I think
it was close but needs some attention.  Here are the issues
as I see them.  Others may have more comments and ideas:

+ Too many files and duplication.  The RPM specifications
are generated from a handful of fragments and variable
substitutions.  There is a high degree of commonality.
It needs to be this way in the Debian packaging.

+ The Debian packaging needs to get its tool version
and patch information from the master information in
the RPM specification build system.

+ We use mock to build all RPMs for all distributions
on just a couple of build machines.  We need to be able
to do this for Debian.  We have a machine in the build
farm ready for this.

+ The production Debian package build needs to be
able to be done as a regular user.

+ The production Debian package build needs to have
as little intervention as possible.  Ideally, Ralf should be
able to update the RPM tarball/patch versions and the
next build on the Debian server just gets them.

+ The production build system has to include getting these
packages into the proper repository format which is
on a Fedora server. 

Last year's packaging worked but we were not able to
deploy it.
> whom should i contact?
That's a good question.  Last year's student (Ryan Harrison)
can give you a more accurate picture of the status.

Ralf Corsepius and Chris Johns can give practical advice
from the RPM and Mingw packaging.

I would hope that one of the would speak up now. :)
> please help

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