RTEMS in Google Summer of Code 2009

Metge Jean-Jacques jean-jacques.metge at cnes.fr
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I think that we share the same interest for such a topic.

For your information, we are currently funding the Universitad Politecnica de Valencia (Spain) for the development of a new open source ARINC653 compatible hypervisor called XtratuM v2 (http://www.xtratum.org/).
This hypervisor, developed for the LEON processor (SPARC v8), has been significatively redesigned from XtratuM v1 versions, in order to implement the time & space partitioning principles of the ARINC653.
We have also decided to propose RTEMS as partition OS, so we are currently porting RTEMS on top of the hypervisor XtratuM v2.
Both "RTEMS for XtratuM" and XtratuM v2 itself will be GPL.
The current API that we retained for "RTEMS for XtratuM" is the RTEMS native one.

Regarding your proposal :
Having an ARINC653 API for RTEMS would be clearly interesting in our context, even if I am more and more convinced that :
- the number of remaining services in a partition OS developed on top of an hypervisor such as XtratuM or L4 is not so high
- RTEMS itself may not be, consequently, the best candidate for the implementation of this very limited set of partition OS services. 
So maybe the best solution would be to built these partition OS services (ARINC653) as pure extensions to the hypervisor (L4 or XtratuM).

In any case, the real power of ARINC653 standard is much more in the fundamental principle of time & space partitioning, than the API itself, which means that the real difficulty of the study you propose mainly resides much more in the definition of the hypervisor itself, than on the implementation of the ARINC653 API.


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Hi, Joel
Are you going to submit "Hypervisor providing ARINC-653 capabilities" project? I think this is a really interesting project for Google Summer of Code. I have done some works about porting RTEMS on top of L4, which was the main work of my undergraduate thesis. If we support ARINC API in RTEMS and ARINC Executive and Scheduler in L4 kernel, RTEMS is able to support ARINC-653 (L4 kernel executes in kernel code and RTEMS executes in user mode as a server of L4) . Will you be the mentor of this project ?

"RTEMS on L4" is included in the attachment, which is my undergraduate thesis.


2009/3/19 Joel Sherrill <joel.sherrill at oarcorp.com>:
> Hi,
> I am happy to announce that RTEMS was accepted
> as an organization in the 2009 Google Summer of
> Code.
> Anyone interested in being a student
> or mentor needs to get an account here
> and follow what I hope are obvious steps:
> http://socghop.appspot.com/
> I look forward to a lot of interesting student
> applications.  Please pass this along to
> anyone who might be interested.
> Email me if you have any questions.
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