NFS against UDP

Leon Pollak leonp at
Tue May 5 07:52:21 UTC 2009

Hello, all.

I need a help from the list members, gurus in networking, as I am too weak in 

I have today an application under RTEMS speaking with another application via 
UDP. Most of the time data exchange via our simple UDP protocol is 
transferring big amounts of data, the rest are some commands.
The amounts of data are so big (for the system) that most of the time CPU is 
processing the BSD stack operations.

The customer now insists on introducing the NFS. I object, explaining my 
objection mostly by significant increasing of required CPU power and traffic 
to perform the NFS protocol.

The question is - am I right? Do someone has a similar experience? How can I 
estimate the load growth even VERY roughly?

Many thanks for any comment/help.


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