[RTEMS File System] - Flash Memories for Space Applications

Michele Fabiano michele.fabiano at gmail.com
Sat May 2 17:38:16 UTC 2009

Thanks Leon for your answer! We'll discuss about this particular topic by
mail... ;)

Here I would like to point out to all RTEMS users that I wouldn't have
nothing specific for our idea of application. I try to explain better.

As said, we supposed that we want to get a Non Volatile Storing Device based
on Flash Memory Technology. Our first main issue is *HOW TO MANAGE FLASH
MEMORIES WITH RTEMS*: any advices about this topic would be really
appreciated! ;)

For me it is fundamental to gather all the possible useful information from
a *general point of view*: I point out once more that our first main issue
is HOW TO MANAGE FLASH MEMORIES WITH RTEMS and I think that everybody knows
something about it can share his ideas and his experiences to make my mind
clearer and clearer!

I'm waiting for your answers! Thanks in advance for the help! ;)

Have a nice evening,


2009/5/2 Leon Pollak <leonp at plris.com>

> Hello.
> Our company is dealing with the military aircraft on-board recorders for 14
> years.
> If you would like me to share our experience, please, write to my e-mail
> the short list of main requirements.
> I shall try to answer...:-)
> --
>             Dr.Leon M.Pollak
>                 Director
>        PLR Information Systems Ltd.
> Tel.:+972-98657670  |  POB 8130, H'Aomanut 9,
> Fax.:+972-98657621  |  Poleg Industrial Zone,
> Mob.:+972-544739246 |  Netanya, 42160, Israel.
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