rename issue

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue May 5 11:16:49 UTC 2009

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Sebastian caught me in IRC today and pointed out
>> that something has changed which made rename
>> compile into an infinite loop.  I think I have
>> tracked it down to this change in newlib.  This
>> would not impact 4.9 since newlib 1.16 wouldn't
>> have this patch.
> Well, it's great to see people duplicating work ;)

Well not much work. I asked Sebastian if you knew
and he said you did.  Didn't fix it. :)
>>   But it would be in the 1.17
>> newlib.
> Right, AFAICT, it affects all newlib-1.17.0 based rtems gccs, not only 
> gcc-4.4.0.
That matches what I thought.

>>   d
>> 2008-03-27 Patrick Mansfield <patmans at>
>>     * libc/include/reent.h: Define _func_r functions in this file to
>>     defined.
>> Patrick's change resulted in this macro being tripped
>> for the XXX_r methods.
>> #define _rename_r(__reent, __old, __new)          rename(__old, __new)
>> I think we need to drop -DMISSING_SYSCALL_NAMES from
>> *-*-rtems* in newlib/
>> Ralf.. if my analysis is right, then that is two issues
>> driving a tool rebuild. :(
> Sebastian had pinged me on this issue on PM some time last week and I 
> pointed him to the reent.h in response.
> However, I haven't had any chance to look deeper into this, because I 
> had been AFK most of the time Wednesday through Monday (yesterday), ... 
> and am still suffering from backlog effects of the mail server 
> screwup ;)
I figured as much since I hadn't heard much from you either.

I'm still suffering backlog from the move, spider bite, and
the class. I still am also not used to the new office.  Yesterday
I spent 20 minutes looking for why a board wouldn't load
executables and then remembered I had only set the board
on my desk -- hadn't put a network cable on it yet. LOL!

Looks like we are heading for a new spin of the 4.10 tools

  + ALIGN issue not being 8 on SPARC
  + inttypes.h warning

Oh well.

> Ralf

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