RTEMS Workout @ FOSS.IN [Fwd: [foss.in] FOSS.IN/2009 Call for Participation]

Aanjhan R aanjhan at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 10:11:37 UTC 2009

Hi All,

FOSS.IN is an annual Free and Open Source Software Conference that
happens in Bangalore. This time it is from Dec 1-5 2009 and the call
for participation is out. For more details read the forwarded email

As Google Summer of Code 2009 students Santosh Vattam and myself are
planning to propose a RTEMS workout at FOSS.IN. For more details on
Workout please check the link http://foss.in/about/workout-howto

Last year I was a speaker here and have been part of the conference
since 2005 (My Free Software journey in fact kick started at this
conference). List of last year's workouts are here

So what help are we asking for here?  We are looking for ideas which
we can plan for this event. We are essentially looking things that can
be done in a span of 5 days.

Here are some ideas in mind:

* Improving code coverage on sparc BSPs with libcsupport included.
* Some basic UI stuff - E.g.: Some improvements to Roxana's work.
* Clean ups and documentation.
* Maybe writing a device driver.
* Writing a UI in python for Coverage analysis.

If you have something more please add to the list. We will create a
proper wiki page by end of the day today and collect the proposal plan
for the workout in there. The last date for submitting workout
proposals is 26th of Oct 2009. Yes little time. The CfP is hardly open
for 2 weeks this time around.

Thanks for your co-operation and sharing of ideas/views/comments in advance.

With Best Regards,

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And here we go - FOSS.IN/2009's Call for Participation. Apologies for
the delays, things are very different for us this year, with a new venue,
new team members, and all sorts of aches and pains we don't want to talk
about :)


The registration system for speakers is open NOW - head there as soon as
you finish reading this message.

Please repost/retweet/sms/email/whatever this message as far and wide as
possible. Thanks!

Atul Chitnis
Project Lead

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