ANN: rtems-4.10-binutils upgraded to binutils-2.20

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Mon Oct 19 09:53:42 UTC 2009


The FSF has released binutils-2.20 (final)

Therefore, the rtems-4.10 (unstable, development) toolchains have been 
upgraded to binutils-2.20. Unless something evils shows up, this is the 
version of binutils we want to base a future rtems-4.10 release upon.

=> All users working on/with rtems-4.10 should feel strongly encouraged 
to upgrade their binutils to binutils-2.20. Older rtems-4.10-binutils 
are considerd discontinued will not be any longer be supported.

Corresponding rpms for Fedora-10/11/12, openSUSE-11.0/11.1 and CentOS 5
can be found below{fedora,suse,centos}/

Tarballs containing cygwin rsp. mingw32 binaries can be found below{cygwin,mingw32}/4.10

People, who are building rtems-4.10-binutils from sources can find the 
source tarballs and patches (Currently, there is no patch) in


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