RTEMS Workout @ FOSS.IN [Fwd: [foss.in] FOSS.IN/2009 Call for Participation]

Santosh vattam vattam.santosh at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 18:20:08 UTC 2009

Hi all,

> If you decide to do any coverage, I would recommend using
> a configuration you can get results locally with a FOSS
> simulator.  And picking a single configuration of the coverage
> run to do it on.  Qemu from the Couverture project on pc386,
> qemuppc, or uC5282 are probably the best options.
> Couverture has tools to get more reports out of the runs
> but they are not working for us yet.  So that's an entire area.
> This is also an area where people could work concurrently without
> conflicts.

Great! This looks very promising.

> If you go this route, we probably need to write us some
> test writing guidelines for RTEMS and a couple of
> shells.

Will do.

>> * Clean ups and documentation.

We could generate some documentation in the 5 days. Any specific areas
where we need documentation?

>> * Writing a UI in python for Coverage analysis.
> Do you have requirements? goals? :)

I have a vague idea about this. I am thinking of an app that will
enable one to run all/specific tests from the testsuite. Based on the
arch/bsp of the build it should by itself choose the emulator, run the
tests, generate and spit out coverage reports onto the screen. Does
this seem like a good idea? Does this seem feasible?

> I would be conscious of the fact that you don't want to
> waste time getting people to install tools.  Handing out
> virtual machines or Virtual Machines might be a good thing.


Thanks and Regards

Santosh G Vattam

Contributor RTEMS Testing

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